Strength and Conditioning

Strength in Sport provides professional and versatile strength and conditioning support to athletes at all levels of competition. Whatever your sport you will undoubtedly benefit from the structured strength and conditioning services we offer.

How will you benefit?

Athletes who are serious about performance utilise strength and conditioning within their training. A number of positive benefits can be realistically achieved over the short and mid-term;

  • Development of maximal and explosive strength
  • Increased rate of force production
  • Improved quickness, speed and reactive ability


Engaging in a structured strength and conditioning programme will provide many physical, physiological and psychological benefits, which include;

  • Enhancing postural and joint stability
  • Strengthening bones and connective soft tissue
  • Increasing lean body and muscle mass
  • Enabling the working muscles to generate forces for prolonged periods
  • Enhancing neuromuscular efficiency
  • Providing resistance to sports-related soft tissue injuries
  • Overall mental robustness and improved self-confidence



The support and environment created will undoubtedly help develop physical and mental drive for improving sports performance. Our commitment to continued development means we are always on the cutting edge of exercise application and able to maximise strength and conditioning training effectiveness.

What we offer;

  • Strength & Conditioning Program Design
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • On-line Video Support
  • Training Plan Periodisation
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Functional Movement/ Bio-mechanical Assessment
  • Body Composition/ Skinfold Analysis


Bespoke packages can be designed specifically to your sporting needs, enabling you to meet the physical and physiological demands of training and competition. Services can also be modified to support small groups or teams – if you have specific requirements contact us to discuss a unique package suitable to your requirements.


Additional services not highlighted include;

  • Accelerated Weight/Body Fat Loss Programs (only for athletic performance)
  • Nutrition and Hydration Support
  • End-Phase Sports Rehabilitation
  • Olympic Lifting Technique Clinics

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