Junior/ Youth Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development

The periods of childhood and adolescence are sensitive periods of life and characterized by dynamic changes in physical and psychological development, as well as a time when healthy behaviours are established. It is well documented individuals who are exposed early in life to an environment which enhance motor skill proficiency and stimulate athletic development tend to be more active during adult life, participating in a variety of sports and activities with confidence and vigour (A. Faigenbaum).

At Strength in Sport we understand the difficulty facing young athletes; all too often technical excellence and skill mastery is disregarded, affecting long term athletic development. It is the muscular, skeletal, and cognitive development of young athletes that is of paramount importance and central to our philosophy.

The benefits

  • Motor skill learning (co-ordination and balance)
  • Muscular and Skeletal development (posture, bone strength and body strength)
  • Cardiovascular system enhancement (lung capacity and respiratory function)
  • Psycho-social well-being (confidence and self-efficacy)
  • Improved overall health function (immunology)

A number of leading world bodies advocate the use of physical conditioning and resistance training for children and adolescents including the World Health Organisation (WHO), British Association for Sport and Exercise Scientists (BASES) and UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSAC).


Strength in Sport works hard to provide safe and structured environments for the development of young aspiring athletes irrespective of age, gender and sporting ability. We aim to deliver a training stimulus that will provide individuals with the progressive foundations to develop, both in sport and life. Our services can be tailored especially for the development of junior and young athletes, enhancing their physical, physiological and psycho-social well-being and include;

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Science Testing
  • Developmental Movement Screening
  • Body Composition
  • Physical Health Assessments


All coaches are fully vetted, trained in Child Welfare/ Safeguarding and 1st Aid trained. The health and safety of all participants is something we consider vitally important.

Additional services not highlighted include;

  • Nutrition and Hydration Support
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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