small-logoThe concept and name ‘Strength in Sport’ came about through the very factors which continually enable the athletes we work with to participate and enjoy the sports they love. Sports participation positively shapes social and moral development giving individuals confidence, self-belief, motivation, a work ethic, and ability to engage and communicate effectively… positive traits which will be carried through-out life.

Strength in Sport has been operating since 2008. The services we offer continually develop, as we do. Our principles are entwined within sports science and strength & conditioning, and grounded by exercise physiology. We believe each athlete should be treated on their strengths and merits, and the long term development of our clients and athletes is of paramount importance and the secret to our success. Working hard to engineer the components of performance, our athlete-centred approach to training helps individual athletes become tough and robust so they can achieve their desired goals and ability.



Gareth Pritchard – as an avid competitor I enjoy the buzz of exercising and working towards a goal… be that cycling, running or working out at the gym. To date, my experiences in sport are what have largely shaped my philosophy in life – all my friends have come through sport in one form or another; you meet the best people and make lifelong friendships. Exercise and sport are what make me tick – providing a welcome release from the daily grind of life, supporting a healthy lifestyle and providing focus, drive and balance to express myself… putting that hard work into practice.

Life is too short… live yours.

Gareth Pritchard BSc (Hons), PGCE, CPT


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